Updated 06.12.2018

Danish biosecurity course

Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness is responsible for training biosecurity officers, appointed by companies that apply for a license to possess dual-use material. The training is mandatory for the candidates and participation is free of charge.

Please note: This course is in Danish. Participants are required to be proficient in Danish to attend the course.

Target group

  • Future biosecurity officers

Course objective

The course objective is to train biosecurity officers so they can perform their duties in a secure and responsible way.

Course content

The following elements are a part of the course:

  • Introduction to biosecurity and CBB
  • Biological weapons
  • International and Danish biosecurity legislation
  • Subjects under control
  • Biosecurity in practice – responsibility and duties
  • Biosecurity in practice – communication with CBB
  • Biopreparedness



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