Updated 05.02.2019

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International biosecurity course

Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness in Denmark is the national biosecurity authority in Denmark. The Centre offers an international course in biosecurity system implementation.

Please note: Attendees must provide for their own transport, accommodation and meals. The course is subject to external funding.

Target group

  • Government delegates, scientists and biosecurity stakeholders with relevance to the biosecurity implementation process (relevance for attending must be specified)

Participants receive a diploma from CBB on completion.

Course objective

The course objective is to share experiences and assist countries that intend to establish a national biosecurity system. Participants will gain insight into the challenges related to biosecurity implementation based on the experiences made in Denmark, and they will learn about the key elements necessary to uphold a well-functioning biosecurity system.

Course content

CBB tailors the course to meet the needs of the participants. Possible elements to include are (but not limited to):

  • Framing the issue
  • Setting up a biosecurity system
  • Biosecurity administration
  • Inspection visits
  • Responsible science, ethics and awareness raising
  • Biopreparedness

The course format is a combination of standard presentations and group discussions and exercises. See full course example (pdf)

Location and duration

Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The full course lasts one week.


Contact CBB for more information and booking: cbb@ssi.dk  

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