Updated 02.12.2019




As the World Health Organization efforts to eradicate polio globally continue, the Danish legislation needs to support the implementation of national containment measures. The legal basis for these is established by the Ministry of Health in the amendment to the Law on Health (LBK nr 903 af 26/08/2019). This amendment describes the general disposition of the legislation, such as the designation of the Center for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness as the National Authority for containment.

Executive Order

The Executive Order on containment of poliovirus (BEK nr 1247 af 28/11/2019) describes the requirements for companies that possess, grow, use, or store poliovirus, as well as the companies that possess, use or store material that potentially contains infectious poliovirus (PIM).

The requirements in the executive order are in agreement with the requirements in WHO’s Global Action Plan III (GAPIII)  as well as WHO’s Guidance to minimize risks for facilities collecting, handling or storing materials potentially infectious for polioviruses.

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