Updated 05.12.2018

Educational activities

Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness (CBB) offers a variety of courses within the topics: biosecurity, responsible science, bioterrorism, biological weapons threats and biological preparedness.

Biosecurity courses are for future biosecurity officers at companies and institutions that have applied for a license to possess and work with controlled materials. Satisfactory completion of the course is a condition for the approval of the biosecurity officer.

Courses in biopreparedness are for entities such as the police and emergency services that may become involved during a biological incident. These courses are of a practical nature.

Other courses address students and researchers in life science and aim at discussing scientific responsibility and dual-use potential of certain microorganisms, materials, and techniques relevant to biological weapons development.

The Centre also offers tailored presentations within the above topics. Please contact CBB for booking and further information: cbb@ssi.dk

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