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The Danish Biosecurity Legislation

Control of human pathogens, toxins, delivery systems and related materials

ACT no. 474 of 17 June 2008 (Non UK version)

EO no. 981 of 15 October 2009 (Non UK version)

EO no. 363 af 10 March 2022  Annex 1 (Non UK version)

Control of animal pathogens

Act no. 53 of 11 January 2017 (Non UK version)

EO no. 803 of 22 June 2017 (Non UK version)

Poliovirus Containment Legislation

Law on Health:
 LBK nr 903 af 26/08/2019 (Non UK version)

The Executive Order on containment of poliovirus: 
BEK nr 1247 af 28/11/2019 (Non UK version)