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Educational activities

High biosecurity standards and good biopreparedness capabilities require understanding, professional responsibility and cooperation. Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness (CBB) seeks to ensure this through our educational activities that constitute an important element of both our preventive and responsive strategies. Are you among our target groups, feel free to enquire about a course.

The work with biosecurity and biopreparedness is anchored in CBB, however, the responsibility is shared with others. Different stakeholders, such as research institutions, the private industry, and Danish emergency units also have an important role to play in prevention and response.

CBB teaches biosecurity officers to manage and secure the controlled materials their companies possess a license for. We raise awareness among life science students so they can understand the dual-use potential of their knowledge and skills and take the right precautions to avoid misuse. In addition, emergency units across the country are trained in response to incidents with biologically harmful substances.

You can read more about CBB’s courses in the submenu to the left.


The Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness (CBB) offers a variety of courses within the topics: biosecurity, bioterrorism, biological weapons threats and biological preparedness.

The course for future biosecurity officers is targeted at biosecurity officers at companies and institutions affected by Act No. 474 of 17 June 2008 on securing certain biological agents, delivery systems and related materials. Satisfactory completion of the course is a condition for being approved as a biosecurity officer, and for obtaining a licence from CBB.

Part of the teaching in biological preparedness is an integrated part of the on-site commander training course offered by the Danish Emergency Management Agency and is of a practical nature.
Other courses address students in life sciences and aim at discussing scientific responsibility and misuse potential (dual-use) of certain microorganisms, materials, and techniques.

The Centre also offers specially tailored presentations within the above topics. Please contact the secretariat for booking and further information.
You can read more about CBB’s courses in the submenu to the left.