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Biopreparedness courses

Courses in biopreparedness can be a) an integrated part of a larger training course, or b) arranged individually depending on the target group. The courses are free of charge.

Target group

  • Emergency response units, e.g. the police, the fire department, first aid responders etc.
  • Other Danish authorities

Course objective

A biological incident can potentially have big societal consequences. The course objective is to support other authorities and emergency units when they prepare their response for such incidents.

Course content

CBB customises the courses based on the following elements:

  • Introduction to CBB’s biopreparedness organisation
  • Biological threats including historical cases
  • Biorisk identification
  • Incident analysis and response
  • Emergency planning
  • On site commander training

Biopreparedness courses are typically in the form of lectures mixed with theoretical table top exercises and practical training exercises.


Contact CBB for more information and booking: