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Responsible science, ethics and biosecurity

Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness offers guest lectures on the subject responsible science, ethics and biosecurity. The guest lectures are free of charge.

Target group

  • Graduate students in life science
  • Researchers and technicians in life science

Course objective

The course objective is to discuss the scientific responsibility of preventing misuse of research results and methods in life science. Researchers should be aware of how to handle transfer of intangible technology and microbiological agents. It is important to gain an understanding of the misuse potential and discuss the ethical obligation that comes with having acquired special knowledge in the field of life science.   

Course content

  • Biosecurity and CBB
  • Characteristics of biological weapons
  • Historical review of biological attacks
  • The Danish biosecurity system
  • Dual-use technology
  • Responsible science and ethics

The emphasis of the course is on biosecurity precautions and responsibility in science. Discussion is encouraged and ethical dilemmas with be presented and debated in groups.

Location and duration

The lectures take place at the institutions and can be a part of existing courses.
The presentation normally lasts 2 x 45 min including discussion. 


Contact CBB for more information and booking: